All your building needs in one place.. 


ANDREWS DESIGN Construction offers a wide range of architectural and construction services. With 40 years experience working on a range of projects within the European market, our services are oriented to meet our customers most demanding requirements. 

We can carry out every project from beginning till end with the use of traditional and modern technologies.
In addition to the larger construction projects we can also take care of your interior design needs, equipping rooms with all furnishings and devices down to  the  smallest  details  including  placing  knick-knacks  on shelves.
Our care and  attention to detail ensure our customers  experience full  satisfaction throughout  the years. To come by the final effect of our works we offer a long term, basic warranty of 7 years, along with possible additional extended period for years. 

We are ready for a new government program to build more houses and expand buildings without the Planning Permission.