Boat repairs                            

We have been repairing boats on the south coast since 2006. We have experience of both, large and small scale projects, having conducted work on newly built boats including Sunseeker, repairing mid-size boats (Sealine) and small boats including Chaparral, Manta and Atomix.


All stages of carpentry work carried out.


AV, kitchens, bathrooms etc.


Bespoke furniture, to match the shape to an existing room. We provide all the materials.


Hull repairs 

We offer mobile repair services of the GRP and gelcoat. The most common damages that we deal with are:            air bubbles breakouts, scrapes, stress cracks, scuffs, thin gel etc.

Redesign of interiors

Includes preparation of any plans needed prior to commencing work.        A well done design is the key to achieving success. We invite you to meet with us to discuss your requirements and expectations and we will create detailed plans and sketches/drawings for you to approve and request any amendments prior starting the work.